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About Us

Waughs is managed by its two Partners, Chris Moore and Martin Groat, both of whom are local to the area and have many local interests and links.

From its early beginnings Waughs has had a policy of providing friendly and helpful advice on all aspects of law. This policy has and will never change. The sooner you contact us - the sooner we can help.

The Partners are supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who are specialists in their chosen area of law and can, therefore, provide the best possible up-to-date advice.

Our offices are located in the heart of East Grinstead and we work out of one of the oldest and most stunning period properties in the town. You are welcome to drop in at any time during working hours to see us.

We deal with all areas of the law and our aim is to provide a prompt and practical service, tailored to your particular needs and which represents value for money.


For more information please telephone 01342 323545 or email us at enquiries@waughs-solicitors.co.uk


Waughs Solicitors Building

Our History

For over 400 years the imposing buildings comprising Judges Terrace, which adjoin the picturesque High Street of East Grinstead, have been considered some of the most prestigious in the Town, with history showing their connection in early days with the law.

Clarendon House, built in about 1485 and the adjoining Old Stone House, built in about 1590 were used until the early 19th century by Judges holding Winter Assizes in Sussex.

The buildings became the lodging house for the Judges including, according to local legend, the notorious Judge Jeffries.

Judicial punishments were frequently administered outside the doors of the buildings, from whipping and hangings, to the burning at the stake of the East Grinstead Martyrs during the reign of Queen Mary.