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Without a Will, you cannot easily control what happens to your estate when you die. Furthermore, if you do not make a Will, you will die "intestate". One of the consequences of that is that you do not choose who is to manage your affairs, as Executor, after you die. Your personal possessions or treasured items may not go to those whom you would like to benefit. Your estate is instead divided in accordance with Statute, which may well not accord with your wishes. Under the rules of intestacy, there is no provision for your favourite charity to benefit from your estate.

Furthermore, if you are involved in a divorce or separation, or have been recently divorced, unless your Will is drawn carefully, your family may be faced with claims from those whom you do not wish to benefit.

Making a Will is an opportunity to deal with these matters and can also set out any special wishes you have with regard to your funeral arrangements.

We can advise and assist you in dealing with these important matters and provide you with an opportunity for you to give careful thought to these issues.

Probate and the Administration of Estates

Bereavement can be a distressing time for all and we can provide a comprehensive and sympathetic service at this difficult time. Where the Deceased has left a Will we can advise the Executors on their duties and assist them in obtaining the Grant of Probate and carrying out those duties. If the Deceased left no Will, we can advise you on the consequences of intestacy and make the necessary application for a Grant of Representation.

In either case, we will complete the Inland Revenue Account for the estate, compile estate accounts and deal wth the distribution of the estate to conclude the administration, including where necessary, the sale or transfer of assets.


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