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We deal with all property transactions associated with landlords and tenants.

Residential Property

Most of the work we carry out is in respect of either disputes arising between landlords and their tenants, repossession proceedings and other issues that arise during the letting of a property.  Where necessary, we will take repossession action with a view to returning the property to the landlord or defend unjustified actions that are brought by the landlord against the tenant.

The costs and fees in relation to this work is dealt with as if it is a civil dispute and you are referred to the page that deals with Dispute Resolution as the “rules” concerning costs and litigation apply to landlord and tenant matters.

In terms of the range of costs in this area, it can be anything from £500 plus VAT to as much as £4,000-5,000 plus VAT, depending upon the nature of the landlord and tenant dispute.  On a Section 21 Notice repossession case, and on the assumption that there is no defence available to the tenant, these can be dealt with for as little as £1,000 plus VAT, which is the mechanics, plus Court fees, which is the steps for utilising the accelerated possession procedure and ultimately obtaining possession.  Court disbursements will apply. 

The rules regarding the service of notices and timescales, together with documentation that should be served at the start of the tenancy, are strict and a failure by the landlord to follow the requirements can result in the tenant being given grounds for defence.  In an unusual case we dealt with recently on behalf of a tenant, the costs came to approximately £3,000, plus Counsel’s fees and Court fees.

Most landlords use letting or estate agents to provide Tenancy Agreements and supporting documentation when creating the letting, but we can give a quote, if necessary, if you wish us to prepare a Shorthold Tenancy.  The cost for this is usually in the region of some £500 plus VAT, but can be more if the situation is more complex.

For more information regarding reposessions, or information regarding General Landlord & Tenant Law, please telephone Martin Groat on 01342 323545 or email us at enquiries@waughs-solicitors.co.uk

For information regarding the creation of a Shorthold Tenancy please telephone Clare Lumley on 01342 323545 or email us at enquiries@waughs-solicitors.co.uk