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In respect of our services, we indicate upon the individual pages what our estimates are in respect of timescales for the areas of work we carry out. Presently the country is continuing to recover from the COVID pandemic together with the associated difficulties it has caused. Inevitably the pandemic has had a significant effect on the timescales we work to.

So, for example, where services are being provided utilising the court or tribunal system, both of these have suffered significant delays, there are significant delays in the process; and equally there have been occasions where following a long silence from the court service we are suddenly warned, at short notice, a hearing may take place or other steps taken. In property-related transactions we have seen – particularly in the last 18 months – that delivery times vary enormously as we are dependent upon so many other parties to try and complete a transaction. Generally, services have started to speed up, but this is patchy, and we will advise you if we become aware of any anticipated delays.

If you are in a conveyancing chain for your purchase/sale you are entirely dependent upon how the other parties in the chain can work through their own timing difficulties and there have been significant delays caused in November 2021 by a very effective cyber-attack upon the "Simplify" Group, who own about six separate online conveyancing services. They are catching up but if there is a Simplify company involved in the chain, clients have experienced further delay.

We have equally experienced delays with the Probate Service who have, during the pandemic, moved "online" and are spending a much longer period of time in dealing with a probate application. There have also been similar delays at HMRC.

In relation to lasting powers of attorney it has recently been announced that what had been the standard period for registration for 10 weeks is now extended to 20 weeks. For part of the COVID pandemic that timescale was at 16 weeks.

We hope that as court and public body timescales improve, so will the timescales on a number of the activities that we carry out.

For more information telephone us on 01342 323545 or email us at enquiries@waughs-solicitors.co.uk